Welcome to the Landhotel Hirsch Bebenhausen!

Dear guests,

As the oldest inn in Bebenhausen, the Hirsch has always played an active role in the life of the village throughout its history. We intend to uphold this tradition in the future.

Take a look back in time by reading our history section, which bridges the gap between past and present. Today, the Hirsch signifies history that is firmly anchored in the present day. We are sure you will discover a number of common threads running through the day-to-day activities of the hotel.

One of the finest traditions – here, as all over the world – is most certainly hospitality.

We nurture this tradition by offering polite, friendly service, excellent food, comfortable accommodation and the typical atmosphere of a family-run business.

Located below the old Cistercian monastery, we welcome our guests with an old Latin greeting once used by the hospitable monks:

Porta patet, cor magis – The door stands open, but the heart even more so!

Your hosts,

»Martina und Friedrich von Ow-Wachendorf«


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